Melissa Anderson Scott


“The tension stems from her framing…..She crops faces, foreshortens perspectives and extends our understanding of portrait composition as she shifts the discourse from reverence to repetition.”

Brett Levine
Art NZ No. 84, Spring 97: Review of “The Dinner Party – Diary of a Social Life”
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“Daughter is an intriguing work, partly because of its faint similarity with the Vermeer, partly because of its enigmatic and even ambiguous quality….By drawing on the past, Melissa Anderson Scott attempts to comment on and address issues which seem to her presently pertinent.”

Riemke Ensing
Art NZ No 95, Winter 2000: Persistent Pull
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“Personal Greed extends her attraction to “interactive art”, …”

Linda Herrick
NZ Herald, Arts on Monday, May 27, 2002: Showing Her Cards
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“An interpretation of relationships, combined with experimentation with colour and technique, make it an engaging experience.”

Gail Bailey
NZ Herald, Dec 1, 2004: The Quality of Mercy in Close Up
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“Anderson Scott believes the human face can also represent inner turmoil and deep workings that may not be transmitted through other media.”

Rosalind Le Bas Walker
Sunday Star Times, Nov 28, 2004: Island Blue an Inspiration
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“It's the faces that concentrate Melissa's search, concealing the past, known or unknown, and it's the faces that illuminate these paintings and entice us.”

Penny Hansen
November 2004: A Journey Into the Blue
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